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Be on the lookout for restaurant menu changes!*posted 12/15/2014
In November 2014, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued final menu regulations designed to help consumers make more informed and healthier food choices when eating away from home... [ Read More ]

Functional Foods*posted 07/29/2014
Over the past 20 years the concept of functional foods has increasingly gained in popularity. What are functional foods and why are they beneficial?... [ Read More ]

Mediterranean Diet*posted 02/07/2014
More and more studies are showing the benefits of following a Mediterranean diet. A study was released in February that showed following this diet is good for... [ Read More ]

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Glucose and Cardiovascular
Risk in Overweight Population
*posted 12/14/2013
Blood Pressure, cholesterol and glucose are all important to keep under good control. However, a recent study shows us just how important... [ Read More ]

Exercise - Not Just for Your Weight*posted 11/30/2012
The main reason to exercise has long thought to be to lose or maintain weight. Although weight loss/maintenance is extremely important, there are definitely other benefits... [ Read More ]

Being Sedentary “Just as Harmful as Smoking”*posted 08/27/2012
In a new study recently published by the journal Lancet, researchers explored the effects of being sedentary on long-term health. It is no secret that being overweight or obese leads to... [ Read More ]

The Weight Loss Drug*posted 07/10/2012
The FDA has recently approved the first new weight loss drug in 13 years, Belviq. Belviq works by activating certain brain receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that has a large role in... [ Read More ]

The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners*posted 06/08/2012
One topic that seems to always be up for debate is whether or not people – especially those with diabetes – should be using artificial sweeteners. With there being so many different sugar substitutes... [ Read More ]

The New “Cure” for Diabetes*posted 04/05/2012
On March 26th a new study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine announcing the newest “cure” for diabetes – bariatric surgery. Although the New England Journal of Medicine... [ Read More ]

March in National Nutrition Month*posted 03/05/2012
What better time to get back on track then during National Nutrition Month? The holidays are in the past, summer is in the near future, and the weather is allowing us... [ Read More ]

Good News for Diabetics*posted 02/02/2012
One of the most well-known and common complications for people with diabetes is an amputation of the feet or legs. When an individual’s blood sugar remains elevated for a long period of time it can... [ Read More ]

2012: A Year in Diabetes Technology*posted 01/11/2012
With both the use of smartphones and the rate of diabetes increasing, it is not surprising that there are now numerous apps available for people with diabetes to log and manage their blood sugars. With our lives more hectic than ever, having the ability to... [ Read More ]

Diabetes during the Holidays*posted 12/12/2011
The holidays can be a wonderful time of the year for all of us to celebrate, including those of us who have diabetes. A little bit of planning will allow you to enjoy the holidays, including ... [ Read More ]

November – American Diabetes Month*posted 11/11/2011
With November being American Diabetes Month, there is important information that needs to be discussed in regards to diabetes. One area in particular needs to be the focus... [ Read More ]

Atlanta Magazine Top Doctors*posted 10/06/2011
Diabetes and Endocrinology Associates, P.C. is proud to announce that both Dr. David Jacobson and Dr. Darwin Brown have been recognized as two of Atlanta’s top doctors in the... [ Read More ]

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s – Fact or Fiction?*posted 10/06/2011
After a new study was recently published there has been a lot of discussion in the media about diabetes and its connection to Alzheimer’s. There have been many claims that... [ Read More ]

Welcome Dr. Jay Mepani *posted 09/30/2009
Please join us in welcoming Dr. Jay Mepani to Diabetes & Endocrinology Associates, P.C. Dr. Mepani graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine ... [ Read More ]

Atlanta Magazine Top Doctors *posted 07/2009
Diabetes & Endocrinology Associates, P.C. is proud to announce that Dr. David Jacobson has been recognized as one of Atlanta’s Top doctors in the... [ Read More ]




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